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Care of cuticle


Proper care for the cuticle will preserve the stunning look of the woman's hands.


To do this, you must follow a number of rules:
You can not clean the cuticle with a manicure scissors, they can lead to minor injuries and infections.
Sharp and rough movements can not move the cuticle away, as her trauma will lead to a spoiled manicure.
Of course, you can not cut off the cuticle.
Before processing the cuticle, you need to make a bath for hands with the addition of special care products.
Apply a trimmer to remove coarse skin.
Use a special spatula or a wooden stick for correct and safe handling of the cuticle.
If there are inflammations, you need to treat them with tea tree oil.
If the cuticle is accidentally injured during the manicure, it is necessary to treat the wound with an antiseptic and apply a patch.
It is necessary to soften the cuticles with the help of natural oils.
Do not forget to lubricate your hands with a nourishing and moisturizing cream.
With proper and constant care, the pens of remarkable women will look amazing. If you can not do everything yourself beautifully and accurately, then you need to allocate at least once a month free time for visits to special manicure salons. It is the sacred duty of every woman to monitor the condition of her hands.

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