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Fall in love with a guy


Every girl, woman and even a prostitute comes across a situation when she meets her prince, THIS MAN. And he does not pay attention to it, as other men of the stronger sex do to her. And in a state of stupor, girls are asked the question: "How do I like him?". From this moment begins the performance of one actor: asking all his acquaintances about him, vulgar make-up and ridiculous clothes. Why do girls think that they need to radically change, so that their passion paid attention to all of their "bulging" virtues. Thus, the result, of course, is not achieved. So what do you need to do to please him?


1.Define him in the Frenchzone.

Almost all the guys are ardent supporters of the fact that there is no friendship between the opposite sex: someone is someone but likes it. If you convince the guy that you perceive him only as a friend, his subconscious will launch the program "I like her". Another big plus franzones, the fact that you better each other learn in a non-intrusive environment. As a rule, the strongest love of guys arises when they first make friends with a girl.

The first step in determining a man in the Frenchzone will be your appearance. Men love eyes. Girls have repeated this a million times, but no matter how trivial this is 100% true. Remember this first rule. Look after yourself. Be careful, and seductive. A tight figure. Stylish clothes. A seductive fragrance of perfume. You should look like all men want you.

The second step is a smile. This is commonplace, which must be used in the process of seduction. A man should feel comfortable and relaxed in your society. He must fall in love with this state of free emancipation. And will seek again and again to it. In doing so, he will try to make an indelible impression. Show that he succeeded. Laugh at his jokes. Smile. Laughter, flirtatious smile, contented look. Direct evidence that you have a good time in his company. This will raise his self-esteem. Make him believe in yourself and in you.

The third step is an enchanted look. A man must feel irresistible in your presence. Look straight in the eyes while talking. Try to attach importance to the eyes. Alive interest. Sensuality. Look and remember how lovers look at each other. Practice by the mirror. And when communicating, always look at the man with an enchanted look.

2. His entourage.

Guys are very susceptible to the opinion of their surroundings. You need to establish contacts with his company, like his friends, become a friend. Then his entourage will do all the work for you. If his friends are in the company to say what a cool girl you are, the guy will start to think the same way without having talked to you.
Remember that when establishing relationships with his friends, you should not flirt with them, flirt. Be hard-to-reach. Let them know about this, and tell their surroundings. To my friends. Your boyfriend. Let your guy understand what you are special about. Let him have a desire to fight for your attention, for you.

3. Competition.

A very important detail of the conquest of a man! Create a halo of fans around you. Even if they are not so many, come up. But the information for your cavaliers should not be intrusive. For example, during a conversation, say this phrase: "Imagine, I forgot my job at home / work. It's good that my colleague / friend took them and brought them at once. Otherwise, I would freeze for two hours until my parents arrived! " It would seem - a simple experience, but it leaves an imprint of the fact that you guys love, are ready to help you, respect you and appreciate.

4. Common interests.

Whatever girl is a unique person, sometimes she needs to be an actress. A man likes when a girl has common interests with him, especially those that most ladies do not possess. Football, cars, motorcycles, sports, etc. - calculate his favorite topic and learn it a little. Believe me, when you discuss it with him vigorously the last match of his favorite team - he will remain with you indifferent!
The last popular trend of the year is the introduction of girls in sports. Basketball. Football. Boxing. If earlier the guys went to shoot and get acquainted with the girls in the library, now the girls go to the sports events of the city.