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What associations cause people the very word "love"? Probably, 80% of the respondents will answer that this feeling. In the modern world, almost all young people live exclusively emotions and make their decisions, only based on feelings. But after all, love is the foundation for future relationships, feelings to which have absolutely nothing to do. 

Girl for love
  More often than not, young marriages break up due to the fact that both sides are not ready to make serious decisions, in which one of the parties must make a compromise. Often, everyone wants to show their core and immutability in opinion, but after all, love means that by all means, you will be together, and your fortress will not ruin all the storms and tribulations.
  Many girls and boys cling to euphoria and say that this person is the only one in their life. But when there is euphoria and you have to face serious problems, it often sounds that they have stopped loving each other. Therefore, in the relationship is very important this very foundation, which will not allow your relations to disintegrate.
  Support of both parties is very important. It's when you live not for yourself, but for the sake of your loved one and ready to sacrifice anything. But in relationships that are built only on feelings, often there is a problem where people selfishly behave and require something from a partner. Such a relationship will not last very long and, unfortunately, will end badly.
  Perhaps you will find it trivial, but it is in a relationship that support and care for each other is very important. When you treat each other in a similar way, respecting the opinion of your partner, you will never have problems. Caring for your beloved girl or boyfriend, you directly manifest your love for him, and there are no empty words here, because your actions and actions will speak for you.
  Often, women and prostitutes in Kiev believe that the love of their partner depends on the value and quantity of gifts for them. "He gave me a brand new iPhone! He's so generous, how can I not be with him? "- often everything happens. But girls, understand that the value of gifts and their quantity does not depend on love.
  Love is a conscious decision of two people to be together, at any cost. And it is the decision, to feelings, there is nothing to do. Perhaps the reader will not share my point of view, but later he will necessarily remember what he read and understand. Build your relationships only on conscious actions and sincere love, then they will necessarily be the strongest!