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"Love is what gives us hope and belief in life, but at the same time, can be very hurt and killed" - this definition of love is given to us by people who have passed through fire and water. Is this really and really love dangerous? Today, we will try to understand this problem and find out what role love plays in today's world.

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What is love and what position does it take in the life of modern youth? To understand this is quite difficult, because the answer will be very ambiguous. The percentage of 80 people will say that it's a feeling, but we seldom understand what we feel right now. Speaking of love, we reproduce a certain image in our subconscious, which serves us as an ideal of love.
What we call love is nothing to do with feelings, because the feeling is very windy. But how do you understand what you feel is love? The answer to this question is very difficult to give, since it is individual. But with certainty it can be said that love is the willingness to live with this person all his life and be faithful only to him. People often make mistakes, creating for themselves a perfect world in which everything is fine and beautiful. But in life, as in relationships, there are storms, which can not be experienced by all.
If we talk about the dangers of relationships for life, then such a concept is also very individual. Unlucky love ends for everyone in different ways, but at the moment, very often it ends fatally.

Many say that sex is very important in love and in relationships. Explaining it is that it is like fuel, for passionate and passionate love. But believe me, it's impossible to build relationships only on sex, so it's simply not worth believing such advisers. If we talk about love in general, then this is perhaps the most beautiful thing that exists in our lives. But it has a lot of difficulties, without which it's simply impossible to imagine. Having successfully completed all the difficulties, you will be happy all your life. Do not forget that in love there must be harmony. And besides hot sex you should have favorite topics for conversation and general interests. Look for the person with whom you will be easy to communicate and to the soul, then in sex, everything will be great! And of course do not forget to rejoice and surprise your partners. Love and beloved!