Prostitutes of Kiev
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Ultraphonophoresis for prostitutes


Ultraphonophoresis is both a curative and cosmetic procedure. It is necessary to enhance the effect of drugs on the skin of a prostitute's face.

Kind of a modern prostitute

The face of a modern prostitute

This is due to the use of ultrasonic waves. Remedies for the treatment of the skin most often are various vasodilating and absorbable drugs. They are also antibiotics and anesthetics. Still used for ultraphonophoresis and natural remedies, such as almond oil, apricot, olive oil, chamomile components and aloe.
Ultraphonophoresis is in principle necessary for a more thorough and 100% skin care. After all, women, of course, use various cosmetic products every day, but they have a positive effect only on the outer layer of the epidermis, but the deeper layers of the skin do not affect at all. And this is very important, especially with the increase in the age of a prostitute in Kiev.

Old prostitute

Ultrasonic waves help beneficial substances to penetrate the skin of the face with the help of the sebaceous duct.
Naturally, the procedure of phonophoresis is carried out with the aid of a special apparatus with the use of a nozzle, which, in turn, gives the effect of an easy massage. Before ultraphronophoresis, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics and contaminants. The duration of this procedure is approximately 40 minutes. The client during the time of the ultraphoonophoresis absolutely does not feel any painful sensations. In addition, this procedure is completely safe and has only positive effect on the body. The maximum effect can be noticed about 12 hours after visiting this procedure. It is recommended to go through the entire course of procedures, their number is about 12 units.
Drugs for use can be very different. They depend on the required result. The cosmetologist himself decides what to apply to your facial skin.
What can be corrected with the help of phonophoresis:
age manifestations on the skin;
shine of oily skin;
stretch marks;
skin diseases;
problems with hair.

It is also possible to fine tones the skin of the face, activate cell regeneration, relieve tired appearance, eliminate traces from various surgical operations, you can irrevocably eliminate fine wrinkles.

Prostitute without wrinkles

Although the procedure of ultraphonophoresis is considered quite safe, there are a number of contraindications. This is hypotension, angina pectoris, infectious diseases, dermatosis and oncological formation.