Prostitutes of Kiev
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Courtesan of Kiev


You look at the photo with kind eyes,
But not on this world, somewhere in the void,
You can do everything with your sinful hands
And I call you ... my dream ...

Courtesan of Kiev

The wind blows away disturbing confusion,
And you go into the night again with another ...
You go to bed with him, without a drop of regret,
And the wind is so relentless again ...

I will present, as he his palm,
Transparent, as if in the sky clouds,
Your breast caresses, feel, baby,
How this thought is naive and easy ...

I so want to touch you with a look,
I see how full of your soul is.
Forget the principles, stay with me,
You're just as good without clothes ...

I have nothing to pay you for affection,
But you touch me with your hand,
I will give you a night fairy tale,
You've never seen this ...

And if you refuse - I will become a wind,
In the sky I'll blow my dreams,
I so want you ... but let it all
A night rain will pour from the height ...

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