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None of the people is immune from the betrayal of their partner, and each person associates it as a complete betrayal. But nevertheless, statistics show that very few women, learning about treason, destroy relationships with her husband. On the contrary, because of the many mistakes of these women in trying to save the family, the husbands become the initiators of the break. What if you learned about the betrayal of your man? Or how to prevent adultery in your relationship? We will help you to understand this!
Emotional betrayal is terrible for women. But for men, things are strictly the reverse. Men do not perceive women after physical, sexual betrayal. He remembers it all his life. Women by nature are more attuned to caring for children. it is important for them that the Partner stay in the family as an assistant and a defender. The fear that a partner falls in love with another is very strong. The man has the strength of fear that they will bring up another's child.

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Causes of male betrayal

Scientists have proved that in every man the instincts of a male are laid, the mission of life of which is to prolong their genus, as much as possible. A man subconsciously looking for as many prostitutes, mistresses, girls without social patterns of behavior, which he can impregnate. To have sex without a condom. In today's world, men suppress these instincts, but some do not. The reason is in him. Part of men betrays their women precisely because they are so by nature. They want diversity, novelty, heat of passion. Of course, if such a man has been with you for a long time, he loves you, respects and does not intend to leave you. But sex for him is a separate part of life, in which he sees not only you.
What to do? Pour tears and make scandals to no avail! You have to decide if you are ready to fight for it and this relationship. If so, start active work. You must constantly change for him. Diversify your sex life, play with your partner, show him that sex for you is not a conjugal duty, but a game of emotions, pleasure and enjoyment. After all, this was the sex in the beginning. So, unfortunately, his mistresses show. The reason is in you. Look at yourself through the eyes of your husband. What do you walk about your house: a robe in the floor and slippers with rabbits? What do you start your sexual pleasures: peignoir, erotic lingerie or sleep pajamas? How often do you tell your man compliments? Do you pay attention to him? Has your affinity become transformed for you? Often, women themselves are pushing their men to treason. Men in the shower are always children and need constant care and praise.
You should always praise your man and compliment him. You can not always demand anything from him, reproach, humiliate, etc. Also, diversify your sex life, because at the subconscious level it is love making that affects the male ego and contributes to the level of self-esteem.

Sexual betrayal. A man with different mistresses

Causes of female adultery

Girl prostitute. Loves many men

What pushes a woman to adultery?
The first reason for female adultery is the lack of orgasm. Dissatisfaction with sexual relations with a legal spouse. If the couple is ready for dialogue, they can always negotiate sexual relations and find a problem. If a woman keeps quiet about this problem, then for a man it does not exist, as it were. At this time, a woman can quite accidentally meet a man with whom, in the absence of an emotional connection and a feeling of love, to experience orgasm. The road of marital infidelity will be irrevocably opened. In addition to the quality of sex, a girl may not meet the amount. Nymphomaniacs and prostitutes are not taken into account, they are always small. But there are times when the number of sexual contacts is declining. A girl or a wife wants the second, third, fourth time. Who will condemn women for the fact that she has got herself the double of her husband.
The second reason why girls, wives change men is "for evil." "For evil" includes a fairly large range of circumstances and causes of pushing women to establish a lover. It may be a desire to get rid of psychological dependence. The dominant of a man deprives his wife of a pair of all manifestations of individuality. As they say in the famous proverb about the nightingale, who does not sing in the cage. At this time of the girl - a free, unordinary personality, the husband does the house hen. If this is the only format of relations in marriage for a man, then he must prepare for the appearance of horns. We must recognize the freedom and interests of our second half, the girl or the wife.
The third banal reason: we sometimes just fall in love with someone else. After all, to hell, there are many reasons in the horizontal and vertical position. When we understand that we do not like a partner in life. And to delay with this issue should not be. You have to be honest with yourself and with your partner. Everything hidden, sooner or later becomes obvious.