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Chlamydia in women


This insidious disease has appeared quite recently, but already often occurs in the fair sex. This infection is transmitted sexually. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a man and protect his female health with the help of condoms or other means.

The first signs of the disease appear about a month after its acquisition.

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Symptoms of chlamydia:

purulent discharge of yellow color;
unpleasant odor;
burning of the labia vulva;
lower abdominal pain;
painful urination;
small bleeding in the period between menstruations;
general weakness of the body and a slight increase in body temperature;
Once a woman has identified similar symptoms in her, immediately need to contact a gynecologist for help. You will have to pass a fairly large number of tests. This is the sowing of bacteria, taking a smear, ultrasound of the vagina. And after all these procedures, you will see a clear picture of the course of the disease.
Treatment also lasts for a considerable amount of time. The drugs will be used antibacterial and immunizing actions as a place in the source of infection, and with the help of tablets and droppers. The treatment is quite painstaking, requiring compliance with all rules. We will have to keep a special diet, refrain from sexual acts during the fight against the disease.
But tightening the treatment with chlamydia is strictly prohibited. Since this can lead to very tragic consequences. Can even reach infertility women. Also, against the background of the disease, premature birth or termination of pregnancy can occur. And if a girl can endure a child with this disease, the chances of infection of the fetus are very high.
If suddenly it turned out that sexual intercourse with a non-regular partner occurred without means of protection, then there are drugs in the form of vaginal suppositories that can be used immediately after the end of sexual intercourse. They can serve as a defense if they use them very quickly.

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