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Care of lips


Lips, and especially plump, are the pride of prostitutes. Therefore, they should also be carefully taken care of, because they are a very sensitive part of the face and require considerable care for themselves.

Larger lips prostitutes
The rules of lip care:
Be sure to use a quality lip balm. This is very important, especially in the cold season and during the summer heat. This will help protect the lips from dryness and small cracks.
It should be mandatory to clean the lips before going to bed, that is, you need to remove all remnants of cosmetics with the help of special caregivers. At night, you should let the skin of your lips breathe and rest from lipstick.
If already on the lips formed cracks, it is necessary to buy a pharmacy ointment based on antibiotics. It will help in the fight against infection. But before buying the first ovazhsheyusya ointment, it is better to seek medical advice.
You should use a large amount of liquid, namely pure non-carbonated water. This will help both protect lips from dryness, and replenish the necessary supply of water to the entire body. The average daily norm of an adult is 1.5-2 liters of water.
If the air you breathe is overdried, it will immediately be reflected on your lips. Therefore, you need to think about air humidification in the room, especially in the winter season. After all, heating devices contribute to the occurrence of dry air in the room.
Do not lick your lips on the street. This terrible habit should be disposed of as quickly as possible. Because of her lips immediately become covered with cracks, which will have to be treated for a long time. In fact, on the street, the moisture on the lips dries very quickly and at the same time exposes the skin of the lips to dryness.
Correctly choose a toothpaste. If the paste contains fluoride or cinnamate, they can very negatively affect the skin of the lips, since they are allergens.
It is necessary to take full advantage of all the vitamins necessary for orgasm prostitutes. Particular attention should be given to vitamins C and B. Their lack will lead to flaking of the lips.
Use tools to moisturize your lips. Excellent with this task will cope with hyaluronic acid.
Also in the fight against cracks and peeling will help natural beeswax and ointment with zinc oxide.
Vaseline is an excellent protective agent against the harmful effects of the environment. It can be found in any pharmacy.
Observing all these simple rules, women will be able to enjoy the look of their beautiful and well-groomed lips.