Prostitutes of Kiev
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Istagram photo rating


We summarize the competitive photos at for the past month
What do our visitors like?
And so for the month the most likes were three photos. More than 100 users voted for the likes of three.
The first place was taken by the photo in the sexkyev account on the istagram ... a girl with a thin waist and big breasts. More than 130 likes.
The girl with the big breast
Honestly - we all understand, but this ... in general, the taste and color .. and we adhere to strict rules .. received more than all the likes, it means-they like and want ...
The second place was taken by our first photo from the website from this prostitute 107 likes and our congratulations.
Prostitute of Kiev with
The third prize was a picture of a guy from Thailand with three prostitutes 103 huskies.
3 Prostitutes Patii-Thailand
Thank you for your voices and likes.
Now let's see our top 3 best photos on the charts that did not score 100 likes.
Up to the top 100, our compatriot, the French actress and model Olga Kournikova, with 99 likes, did not reach us at all.
Model and actress Olga Kournikova
97 likes received photos of "Who's the boss in the house!"
Who is the head in this house? Independent.
and the last photo of our top 96 likes "The girl washes the ass to an adult man"
The prostitute washes the ass to the client
We hope you liked our photos and you will draw conclusions for yourself, namely what Istagram users like.
All for now.
Photo in Istagram from prostitute of Kiev
author of a photo of a prostitute in Kyiv on the istogram