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The first sexual experience for girls, that this should be taken into account

First sex for any girl becomes an exciting event and stored on almost all his life. Therefore, it is important that he came as comfortable as possible and without adverse effects.
The first sexual experience for girls. Harlots
A huge role is played by a man, his brute persistence can lead to disgust and leave the most unpleasant memories. According to statistics it found that most of the female frigidity suffer as a result of an unsuccessful first sexual experience. And what would be different in the future have not met sexual partners, they had very little to change.
On this occasion it is not necessary to pay attention to the opinions of others, since the first sex is a purely personal matter, and every girl his own. If we talk about the pain, the majority of women do not feel it during defloration. It all depends on the emotional state and the desire to force. If a girl ready for sex with a man, and her desire is great, the pain should not be during intercourse. Fear also plays an opposite role, it can block the desire, which leads to a reduction of the vaginal muscles, preventing the penis to penetrate into the interior, which causes pain.
Between the first and the following intercourse must be kept a certain time, sufficient for recovery. Usually this is enough for no more than five days. During this time, breaks in Pleven will have time to heal, and if the mind at first intercourse was not injured, there may be a pleasant sensation.
In most cases the woman during the first sex gets pleasure from the caresses only men. It should be noted that the deflowering does not have to be realized at a time when the pain is too strong, you can use a few attempts. This has its advantages. With each attempt fear decreases, the passage in Pleven increases, and pain decreases, respectively.
Basically, violation of the integrity of the hymen is accompanied by bleeding, but sometimes this can not be. During sex, sexual partners should observe hygiene, condom in these cases is desirable. After all, during intercourse the woman can get microtrauma, contraceptive in this case not only protects the man from infection, and unwanted pregnancy.
Another rule of the first sex - it examined by a gynecologist. His need to do always as before sexual activity, as well as after. This will help ensure that the sexual organs are not damaged and no infection, and the doctor will recommend a method of contraception is best used during sex.