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Face Lifting


Facelifting is a facelift. Also, with this procedure, you can eliminate pigmentation spots, remove visible wrinkles in any part of the face. Women are delighted with facelifting, because you can extend your youth for many years.

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The essence of the operation process is that the surgeon makes inconspicuous cuts at the beginning of hair growth or invisible places, that is, in the natural folds of the face, and then there is a lifting. The surgeon works with the help of special tools.
This type of procedure will remove the second chin, deep nasolabial folds, increase the elasticity of the cheeks, hide the wrinkles of the forehead and eyelids, raise the eyebrows and mouth area, and fight against skin pigmentation.
This kind of facelift is also called contour plastics. And it lasts for three hours under general anesthesia.
The choice of the clinic should be approached with increased care. After all, this operation is rather complicated and requires the availability of modern equipment. It is better to visit this kind of specialists on the recommendations of friends, and not make your choice through reviews on the Internet and advertising.
Preparation for the operation takes a long time, because you need to undergo a comprehensive examination to see if there are any contraindications to facelift. If all tests are normal, then approximately three weeks should not drink alcohol and do not smoke. It is better, in general, not to take any medication, but if there is no choice, then in no case should not use hormonal drugs and pills that affect blood clotting. Tablets and cough syrups are also contraindicated. And on the day of surgery, the patient should not eat or drink.
After the operation, you have to lie down for a couple of days in a hospital under the supervision of medical staff. Sutures will be removed after about a week. But the final result will be visible somewhere in two months. At the beginning of the postoperative period, the sensitivity of the face will be reduced, hematomas are possible, minor scars will be visible, but after a while they disappear. For a woman during these months, all physical activities are contraindicated.
The age of the woman, recommended for contouring, is 40-60 years. That is, at this age there are no particularly serious deviations in health that would be incompatible with the procedure, and the skin has not yet lost its natural elasticity.
The effect of contour plastics lasts for 10-12 years.