Prostitutes of Kiev
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Virginity and Women's Health


In our time, young people began to treat this concept as "sex" much easier than before. With the arrival of a new era and generation, pregnant girls began to appear more and more often at a very young age, and the number of sick with venereal diseases increased.

  The word "Love" has become synonymous with sex. More and more girls like whores decide to enter adulthood by starting sexual relations. Often, such decisions lead to an early pregnancy, various diseases, which, as a result, do not allow the conceiving of a child at a conscious age. Why are girls so eager to lose their virginity at such a young age? One of the main reasons is the lack of male attention for this girl, so she tries to prove her love to a partner. Most likely, such girls grew up without a father and starting a relationship with the first guy in their life, are being decided on such a serious step to which their young organism is not ready.
  It also happens that the girl decides to lose her virginity because of the opinions of others, her girlfriends have long tried, and she still does not know what it is. Having tried this for the first time, a girl is likely to wait for disappointment. The fault is all the lack of experience of both partners. Girls, remember that your virginity shows your natural purity, and there's nothing shameful about the fact that you are 16 years old, have not tried sex yet.
  Sometimes girls decide for their first time, just because of their own interest. They are interested in knowing how and what is happening there. The consequence of all these attempts leads to pregnancy and abortion, since the girl is unable at the young age to become a mother, both physically and mentally.
  Very often young people, when they make their first coitus, forget about precautionary measures. Using contraceptives (condoms), you not only protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy, but also protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.
  Dear girls, do not forget that your first time should be exclusively for love and mutual consent, also protect yourself, only then you will have good memories of your first sex.