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Kantoplasty is a surgical operation to change the shape of your own eye. To date, this is a fairly common operation. Now you can easily change both eye color and shape. Modern surgery does not stand still.
  The essence of the operation is that the surgeon makes an incision in the outer eyelid along the natural fold, so in the future no scars will be seen. The incision is small only about one centimeter. Then the surgeon grabs the tendons and pulls the outer corner of the eye to the bone tissue. It fixes the tendons by applying cosmetic sutures. At the top of the seams, a sterile bandage is applied, which should be changed regularly during the postoperative period. The operation is rather uncomplicated and is under general anesthesia.

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  Before the operation of a prostitute in Kiev, it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Also, in no case should you use drugs that promote blood thinning. If you do not comply with these rules, then in the future it can turn into various infections or bleeding.
  After cantonal surgery, swelling will come off in 2 days, and in 2-3 months from the scar there will be no trace. The effect will be noticeable after 10 days - the eyelid will rise and the face will take a more fresh look, that is, bruises and bags under the eyes will disappear, the woman's face will significantly younger. And the overall effect of the operation can last for 10 years.
  Indications for cantoplasty:
age-related changes, and as a result, the sagging of the century;
congenital narrowed eyelid;
asymmetry of the eye due to various eye diseases;
elimination of operational errors;
desire to change the ethnic profile of the eyes.

  Although the operation is rather simple, there are a number of contraindications. They are oncological, cardiovascular diseases, increased eye pressure, diabetes and poor blood coagulability. Also, before the operation, a woman will have to pass certain tests and go to a consultation with a surgeon.

  Also do not forget that this operation implies certain risks in the form of infections, consolidation of the postoperative cicatrix. And besides, not all patients can like the final result. From this no one is immune. Therefore, you should carefully choose a clinic and surgeon, and best of all on the recommendations of your friends and relatives.