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Botox for hair


Restoration of hair with the help of botox has become quite relevant recently. Therefore, many owners of not very good curls turn to specialists for carrying out this procedure.
Botox is a medicinal product that consists of proteins and helps to rid the hair of the tips, fill the voids with protein, make the structure smoother and more voluminous. The effect of this procedure is stunning, it lasts for 2-3 months.
Botox manages to create an invisible skeleton for the hair, which will maintain their condition and nourish with the necessary vitamins. Most often botox is used for aesthetic purposes, scalp or hair bulb he can not restore and heal.
This procedure helps even men, because Botox can help with baldness. Therefore, men should not be shy and should attend such a procedure on a regular basis.

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The duration of application of Botox to the hair is about one hour. Before the procedure, you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo and then lightly dry it with a towel. Hair should be wet. Then the specialist should offer the client two ways of using botox. The first method is to introduce Botox directly into the scalp. This method is more effective, and the effect will last much longer. Injection is injected with injections. After this, give the Botox a good soak and massage the head to finally distribute it evenly over the entire head.
The second method is based on rubbing the substance in the hair with neat movements to further damage the structure of the curls. After a few minutes, a special fixing agent is applied to the hair. This will not immediately wash the Botox, but only after 45-60 days.
But there are also some contraindications, although the procedure itself, in general, is not dangerous. And you can hold it at any time. As soon as stylish prostitutes will be dissatisfied with the state of their own hair, you can immediately seek help from specialist hairdressers. But if a girl is in an interesting position or breastfeeding a child, she has a menstrual period, then she may be refused this procedure.
By the way, the first prostitutes, who tried this excellent procedure, were English women and Spanish women. But to date, absolutely every girl can allow her hair to be brought to a great appearance.