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Hairy prostitutes still for a long time get rid of excess vegetation on the body. What has just not been invented and tried. To date, great popularity is enjoyed by shugaring.
With this natural sugar paste, the skin becomes silky and smooth, and the hair begins to grow only after a few weeks.

Long-haired student
You can both buy pasta for shugaring in specialized stores, and make it yourself. The ingredients are simple enough, so many young ladies experiment at home. For this you need only water, sugar and lemon juice. So this tool is not only effective, but also cheap. In addition, because of the busy life, not all women have time to visit beauty salons.
Before the shugaring procedure, degrease the treated area of ​​the skin and degrease it with talc. You can apply and baby powder. Then you need to apply the paste in a warm state against hair growth. This is important, since the hairs are already raised, which will significantly help in their further removal. Then with sharp movements it is necessary to remove the paste together with the hairs. Next, you need to wash off the sugar paste and treat the skin with a moisturizer.
Advantages of slugging:
Does not cause allergic reactions;
Does not leave skin irritation;
It is possible to produce on any parts of the body, even the most sensitive;
Is additionally and peeling for the skin;
It is possible to remove short hairs as opposed to wax epilation;
Is a natural remedy;
You can easily wash off with even ordinary water;
Minimized risk of injury to the skin.

But there are also disadvantages. This is a sticky mixture and yet a painful procedure. Although the pain is not as pronounced as with other methods of hair removal, but is still present. And if you perform the procedure at home, then the risk of broken hairs increases with inept use of the paste. So, the legs will not look well-groomed and attractive.

If a prostitute suffers from diabetes, then she should not have a shugaring procedure, since sugar can be absorbed into the blood from the paste. Also, do not use shugaring for various injuries, abrasions, cuts, burns, bruises and bruises.