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Pregnant women


Changes in the female body during pregnancy

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To ensure that the fetus is properly developed, changes occur in the female body. Bearing a physiological character. Thus, the body is prepared for the generic process and for lactation.
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All organs of the body receive additional stress. There is an exacerbation of chronic diseases.
A heart
The heart works faster. Because one circle of blood circulation is added. If the heart is healthy, it will cope with the extra burden. A pregnant woman with a sick heart needs hospitalization. If this does not make possible complications of a different kind.
Lungs start to work twice as much. Because additional oxygen is needed. With each day of pregnancy the capacity in this organ increases. This does not prevent even the diaphragm, which gradually rises. Bronchi and thorax gradually expand. The air becomes more and more when the pregnant woman inhales.
In the digestive organs, changes also occur. During the first three months of pregnancy, the nausea, usually in the morning. There is a desire to eat something unusual. Sensations of taste vary. The intestinal tone decreases, resulting in constipation. This condition is provoked by the harmonies of the placenta.
The joints become loose. This applies to the pelvis, because there will be a child there. There is a discrepancy of the bones.
Genital organs
The uterus of a pregnant woman undergoes changes. The mass and height of it increases. The number of blood vessels also increases, extensions occur, and they braid the uterus. The uterus is slightly contracted, in an irregular manner. Closer to the birth, the regularity will increase. External organs receive much more blood. Veins on the vagina and labia widen.
Body mass
When the fetus grows, the pregnant one becomes fuller. Gets extra pounds.
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