Prostitutes of Kiev
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Consequences of alcohol for sex


Oh, girls, now I'll tell you that!
I write poems from that incident.
In my profession, I have been so long,
But I did not see this anyway!

Drew, then, once the customer is alone.
He needed a hot brunette,

Hot brunette

Who will spend a wonderful night with him,
In bed will be a bright coquette.

I was chosen for this role,
Among our brunettes is hotter no.
Anyone able to satisfy me,
All men from one blowjob will go crazy.

The client is a rich man of some kind,
Money just will not offend.
And with my experience - even more so.
My experience is hundreds of grateful.

And here on a place we already,
On the third floor in the house.
The door is opened to us by a man with a cigar.
And from the mouth of the mouth, a fume.
The guard spoke to him quickly,
The rich man paid all his money for the night.

And here we are alone.
Then the client said to me:
"I'll fuck you today, darling,
Go home while that there is necessary in the soul "
I went to wash what I needed
And the charms in order to bring.
I'm out of the shower,
I hurry to the client.
And my client is clearly drunk,
Sits and jams on the couch,
And then he told me:
"I have concluded an important contract,
And you should drink also,
Then I'll do blowjob,
Then I'll fuck you in the ass,
Well, then ... And there we'll see. "

Well, there's nothing to be done, I sit down,
But we are forbidden to drink at work
And he told me: "I'll be right back,
There was still a bottle like "
Only he went to the kitchen,
In the glass I pour the juice,
We do not drink - this is our law.
I always keep it.

And then my client returned
He poured out and drank with me.
Then again and again,
His eyes are cloudy.
And he says: "Well, my dear
Relax me as befits ... "
He rises full-length then,
And a member of his sluggish pulls.
Another big beer belly
I prevented me from taking his cock in my mouth,
Then to him I suggest,
What would be better if he lay down on his back.
"As you say, my dear"
He answered, leaped onto the sofa.

I tried to revive the penis,
And seems to get up ... But hell!
And with his fingers and his tongue,
But the riser does not seem to be destined.
The man first drove,
Like, what are you doing there?
Language he turned hard,
And then he stopped talking.

And I'm fighting for a riser,
But I endure the defeat.
He does not react to me!
Although I'm rooting over it.
All attempts are helpless,
Tried so and so.
And the result on the belly
He lies and does not rise in any way.
And I'm already twenty minutes
I'm trying to do something.

Suddenly, snoring is heard:
This client decided to sleep.
And a member with him at the same time, of course,
Both are asleep carelessly.
What should I do? To wake?
Wake up - little use.
Leave it like this? But money after all
We paid a lot.

And do you know how the story ended, friends?

The man is sleeping
When I woke up in the morning, he idolized me.
I did not remember anything of the client, of course,
But he slept simply impeccably!
Merit in this for me to write off,
And I do not remember how sorry I am.
He said that he would apply,
When to relax will want passionately.
And what am I? I'm happy to try:
Fifteen pieces for a dream - great!

Author: from the prostitute of Kiev :)