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Face makeup with a foundation with step-by-step photo


Face makeup with foundation cream (step by step with photo)

No makeup can be imagined without tonal remedy. First of all, you need to choose what is more suitable: powder or cream.

If the choice has fallen on a foundation, this article will be useful for you. Thanks to the master class on the make-up of the face, making your make-up will not be difficult, and the result will pleasantly surprise.

Basic rules of perfect make-up with a foundation (which should be taken into account)

To ensure that the foundation does not look on the face of a foreign unnatural mask, it should be selected not only under the skin tone. You should also orient yourself towards the colors that nature has given - in the eyes, in the color of the hair, in the manifestation of a natural blush.

Makeup with a foundation is a beautiful image


Choice of a shade of a voice-frequency cream under color of eyes

To determine the tone of the foundation, you need to pay attention to the color of the eyes. It should be remembered that the tone of the tonal remedy should not radically differ from the color of the eyes. The darker the eyes, the darker the tonal tone.

So, for example, girls with brown eyes need to use tonal bases of peach tones. To the blue eyes is more suitable shade of ivory.

Shade of a foundation for hair color

The color of the curls also affects the choice of tonal.

If you have dark hair, you need to use lighter colors.

Dark-chestnut hair requires the use of peach tones.

Burning brunettes use shades of sunburn.

Light bases, such as ivory, are suitable for dark blond hair.

Face tone according to the hair color


Forms of face and make-up

Each type of face requires an individual selection of decorative cosmetics. Make-up is aimed at approaching the shape of the face to the ideal. This is considered an oval face shape. Therefore, when tinting, you should try to bring your face closer to this geometric figure. To perform a make-up, it is enough, guided by step-by-step photos, to pick up tonal creams, depending on the skin features.
A dark tint helps to hide some flaws, while a bright one accentuates attention and maximizes the areas of the face that will create the necessary glare. Thus, some sculpting of facial features is performed, accents are placed.
Face, neck and décolletage contouring


Skin Type

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to its components.

Oily skin requires the presence of vitamins A and B.
To avoid the effect of the mask, you should abandon the dense texture.
With dry skin, you need to choose a cream with moisturizing ingredients.
Mature skin needs toning means with the effect of lifting.
Young skin is ideal for liquid foundation.

Necessary tools and tools

Consider the rules for choosing a tonal facility, the basis and the necessary tools


Foundation. Which is better to choose

Toned creams differ in several parameters: density, skin type, color, additional effects. Let's consider the main ones.
light coating, slightly leveling the tone;
medium density - correct color deviations, creating a uniformity;
high density - create a thick layer, often used by professionals;
The color scale determines the final result of the make-up, maybe:

Brushes for tonal means No makeup can not do without brushes.

Step-by-step photo with a cream often demonstrates their use. Brushes can be of two types: natural and synthetic.
Natural use for dry structures (powder, blush). Synthetic is more suitable for creamy. They do not absorb funds, reducing their consumption. It is they who are often chosen by stylists to apply an even cream layer.
Source: © - women's beauty and health secrets

Powder, rouge, sponge, other

For make-up, you usually need the following:
tonal means;
pencils (for eyes, eyebrows);
Makeup Tools
It is important to observe the following rules:
The tonal base is applied with a sponge, fingers, a short brush.
Friable powder has a special brush.
A flat brush serves to apply blush.
To shade the shadows use short brushes or applicators.
To apply lipstick you need a thin brush.

Base makeup.

How to choose Bases for make-up have several varieties:
for the face;
under the shade (prevent rolling down);
for lips.
All varieties have different target orientation, therefore, they do not have interchangeability. It is most correct to choose a base, focusing on the properties of your skin - it is dry, sensitive to irritation or has a high fat content. Since the base is the first layer that keeps all the make-up on itself and is applied to the foundation, it must meet the skin's requirements - to keep it moist, or to dry it.
Source: © - women's beauty and health secrets
Basic make-up remedy
It is especially important not to miss when choosing a base for sensitive skin - irritation is dangerous not only causing discomfort, but also more severe consequences in the form of an allergic reaction, inflammation, acne.
Important to remember! When using sponge, it should be washed every 3 days to avoid the reproduction of bacteria.