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March 8


Spring is marked not only by the awakening of nature, but also by women. All without exception, makeup. In order to look warmer and brighter as the spring sun. But very few people remember or know where such a name of the holiday is and why this day received such a status. Even the ancient Romans celebrated a day when the Romans put on their best clothes and went to the temple for worship to the keeper of the house of the goddess Vesta.

Maturing of a woman for sex.
Men presented their wives and even slaves with gifts. And the mistress allowed slaves to not work on this holiday. We began to celebrate it thanks to Clara Zetkin - a revolutionary. But its roots go back to the distant past. On the eighth of March, 1857, factory workers went to a demonstration demanding a level of labor payment for men and women and cutting the last hours of the working day because at that time he was sixteen hours old. In 1910, the aforementioned revolutionary turned up a women's socialist conference with a proposal to celebrate the day of the struggle for freedom and equality of women. In the United States in 1920godu. In the USSR countries to celebrate this day decided officially since 1965. In Ukraine since 1996. All women on this day are usually given flowers and gifts, they are usually symbolic. Perfume, chocolates and sweets in beautiful boxes, beautiful postcards, name mugs, expensive notebooks and designer pens.
Symbolism of flowers. The flower symbol of this wonderful day is considered to be the Mimoza flower. Yellow fluffy flowers were a pleasant addition to the traditional gifts of the Soviet country. They were worth a penny for those times. Well, one day was stored accordingly. Mimosa is a very early flower therefore loved in many countries of Europe. Here it appeared thanks to the British botanists in the first half of the nineteenth century brought from Australia. In Russia, the plant got into the middle of the 19th century and was planted in the Caucasus. At the beginning of his acquaintance with the yellow flower, only the upper strata of the population could afford it. And with the advent of the Soviet Union, other comrades also appreciated. In modern times it is customary to present floral compositions. Here, and bright tulips, sensual narcissus, gentle snowdrops, and of course marshmallow mimosas. International Women's Day is not only a celebration of women's equality, but also a holiday of nature. When from a dream and winter sweet bliss wake beautiful sprouts. Spring, like a woman sunny and changeable and beautiful.

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