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Professional masseuse

ТамилаВыходной! Телефон скрыт

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AGE35 years
HEIGHT167 see
SubwayTarasa Shevchenka
Exclusive for admirers of exquisite taste, connoisseurs of good rest. Dear my visitors, I am an adult, experienced in my craft!


PRICE FOR HOUR:600 grn.-
PRICE FOR 2 HOURS:1200 grn.-
PRICE FOR A NIGHT:5000 grn.-





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Additional information:

I invite to my apartment only wealthy and respectable men. Attention: I accept individually regardless of salons, when a guest comes to me he should feel relaxed, in peace, without tension-that someone will run around the apartment. Practically in sex, almost everything, if you want to diversify your sex life, I offer you new items, all kinds of massage from professional to relaxing, sports. I painlessly do prostate massage, urological if there are any of your wishes, fantasies --- guarantee unearthly pleasure. And as well I practice vibro show, domination from velvet to hard with flogging and trampling. There are whips, bostonade, spanking, feissiting, breath control, games with wax, games with humiliation, forced kunilingus-will give pleasure to lovers of thrill. I do not enter into correspondence, there is no exit. Call at any time! For a good mood, I am!

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