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Prostitute Alain 26 years. The station is Area of Leo Tolstoy, Kiev. Private announcement of individual.

АлёнаВыходной! Телефон скрыт

» Offer to meet «

AGE26 years
HEIGHT182 see
SubwayPloshcha Lva Tolstoho
I am the most chic gift which you only can itself present and wait New Year not nearly necessarily, I am a fairy from your sleep, without problems will rotin you, that the boredom of leisure can be adorned magic. Generous, mighty men are liked. I know that level of your testosterona also already a long ago on a maximum. Test itself. 


PRICE FOR HOUR:900 grn.900 grn.
PRICE FOR 2 HOURS:1800 grn.1800 grn.
PRICE FOR A NIGHT:5400 grn.5400 grn.




1 photo Prostitutes of Kiev. Алёна 2 photo Prostitutes of Kiev. Алёна 3 photo Prostitutes of Kiev. Алёна 4 photo Prostitutes of Kiev. Алёна

Additional information:

Affectionate tender milashka with a chic decollete wants a fur-seal tender and strasnogo for good sex

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