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12.08.2018 14:16:18 Руся: Troy or even Kiev who where hanging out ? let's work something out )

12.08.2018 17:13:15 Sweet Girls:*: Best girls Kiev located in the centre.. also there is a check) 0674040456 whatsapp/viber/telegram

12.08.2018 19:16:46 Alex: Looking for an expensive prostitute to travel to today

13.08.2018 12:16:17 Calle: Hi

13.08.2018 12:28:37 delhinen: 06848711 my honey call me... heart

13.08.2018 16:44:47 Shai: Gi

13.08.2018 16:44:53 Shai: Hi

13.08.2018 16:45:18 Shai: I want girl now..

13.08.2018 20:36:27 Radhey: Hi

13.08.2018 20:36:34 Radhey: Hi

13.08.2018 20:36:56 Radhey: Good evening

13.08.2018 20:37:13 Radhey: Need girl

13.08.2018 20:37:34 Radhey: For an hour

13.08.2018 20:38:54 Radhey: Any one is there?

14.08.2018 02:00:34 Nasa: Hi

14.08.2018 02:00:37 Nasa: Hi

14.08.2018 02:00:42 Nasa: Hi

14.08.2018 02:00:58 Nasa: Do you have someone in kiev tomorrow

14.08.2018 02:33:06 Lars: Hi,someone there

14.08.2018 04:22:35 Shams: Hi

14.08.2018 17:03:28 Martin: Hi girls

14.08.2018 17:04:52 Martin: We are comming to kiev next friday and we need 3 nice looking girls for our apartament party

14.08.2018 19:45:58 Ярослав: Hi

14.08.2018 20:17:34 iLon Mask: Hi

14.08.2018 20:18:10 iLon Mask: Hi Yaroslav

14.08.2018 20:18:25 iLon Mask: One hundred twenty-three thousand two hundred thirteen

14.08.2018 20:22:51 8197: Hi

14.08.2018 20:24:49 8197: Who invites)) do not take expensive!

14.08.2018 20:27:07 8197: Zero six hundred eighty eight million one hundred fourteen thousand three hundred twenty-five

15.08.2018 01:06:03 Lars: Is someone still awake? sarcastic

15.08.2018 03:31:01 Lara: I don't sleep

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In a chat you are allowed to leave advertisements and phone numbers for communication. If you ask to call Viber or WhatsApp, please indicate in the messages. We ask you not to re-insert the same message, in extreme cases, change its content. Also, please do not leave links to other resources in the chat room.

Do not make an advance payment. We do not ask to pay forward for the services provided. Payment for the services of the tooth directly when meeting a girl.

The questionnaires display phone numbers for calls. If the number is visible and no one answers, then the prostitute is busy. Call her later.
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