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14.04.2018 22:54:04 jay: anybody?

14.04.2018 23:31:43 Admin: SEX-RA.kiev.escort: if you just paid for the VIP application form is the first. Or rather as soon as you pay for the survey and you raise up on 1 place.

14.04.2018 23:32:52 Admin: New survey from morning check -activate.

15.04.2018 19:49:52 rich: Hi

16.04.2018 17:57:27 want: Girls say who is free

16.04.2018 18:53:19 HACHE: ANY REAL PROFILES

16.04.2018 19:25:02 John: Hello guys anyone on ?

17.04.2018 02:02:21 S070418: 0982937029

17.04.2018 02:02:29 S070418: Zero nine hundred and eighty-two million nine hundred thirty-seven thousand twenty-nine

17.04.2018 21:14:59 Guy: Hi

17.04.2018 21:18:24 Guy: Hello

17.04.2018 23:47:13 Dima1995: Free

17.04.2018 23:47:26 Dima1995: There?

18.04.2018 10:19:43 John: Hi Are there any real girls with real photos

18.04.2018 10:42:19 Admin: Website visitors sexkiev. Phone girls have a connection to VIBER WHATSAPP. Call direct or write to them-please note the VIP questionnaire. You can write just go to their profile. Chat General information or advertising.

18.04.2018 11:05:10 vv: hai , b B ,

19.04.2018 02:15:17 Indikiev: +380671070418 Sweet

19.04.2018 16:31:44 котик*: Lift my eyelids :) hunter hair ero_a01

19.04.2018 19:10:52 Andy: Can ı get your tel no.

19.04.2018 19:11:58 milaya21: Andy: 0674836633

19.04.2018 19:18:15 SexySofi: +38066-87-86-030. Sofia. 19. Now free. All night discount. Viber/Whatsapp. ero0

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In a chat you are allowed to leave advertisements and phone numbers for communication. If you ask to call Viber or WhatsApp, please indicate in the messages. We ask you not to re-insert the same message, in extreme cases, change its content. Also, please do not leave links to other resources in the chat room.

The questionnaires display phone numbers for calls. If the number is visible and no one answers, then the prostitute is busy. Call her later.
Your messages are translated into Ukrainian and Russian. Translation from Russian and Ukrainian into English is not always accurate.